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      Miller announces he would not vote to keep Pelosi

      Rob Miller

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- South Carolina's Democratic candidate in the District 2 congressional race responded to an attack by his opponent, incumbent Rep. Joe Wilson.

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      Rob Miller announced Wednesday, if elected, he would not vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in Washington.

      An ad released by Wilson's campaign places Miller with Pelosi, and points out the Miller campaign received her contributions.

      The ad also accuses Miller of favoring "job-killing new taxes."

      Miller counters the attack by saying he does not support new taxes considering the state of the troubled economy. Additionally, he says Bush-era tax cuts should continue until they can overhaul the entire tax code in the U.S.

      In Miller's jobs plan points out his jobs plan focuses on creating jobs through tax incentives for small businesses, a hometown tax credit to grow business, an emphasis on adult education and ending trade deals that send jobs overseas.

      "It's a very realistic plan. Moving forward we need to ensure that as we begin to grow out of this recession that we are not only educating our work force, but we are continuing to grow our small business base in South Carolina," Miller says. "The majority of our state funds here in South Carolina come from small businesses of 500 or less employees. That needs to be our focus."

      Wilson also talked about his jobs plan Wednesday, while pushing the importance of absentee voting. Read the full story here.

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