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      Wilson pushes importance of absentee voting

      Joe Wilson

      LEXINGTON (WACH) -- The clock is ticking down to Election Day and Congressman Joe Wilson is encouraging voters to hit the ballot box early.

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      Wilson pushed the importance of absentee voting Wednesday morning outside the Lexington County Election Office.

      If you can't make it to the polls in November, you can vote in person now or find out if your eligible and register for a form online. Find out more here.

      The Republican incumbent is also pitching his jobs creation plan, which he says will stimulate growth in the private sector.

      "Our philosophy is to grow the private sector, not the public sector," Wilson explains. "This enables small businesses, which hire the most people in our district, our region, the liquidity to hire people."

      Wison's opponent, Democrat Rob Miller, covered his own jobs plan Wednesday. Miller also announced some news about his stance on Nancy Pelosi. Click here to read more.