Stars muse over what they'd do as President

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Former co-stars Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks are not sure they would make great U.S. presidents.

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do battle in the race to the White House, the editors of Parade have asked a handful of celebrities what they would do if they became president.

No one it seems wants to follow Ronald Reagan's path from movie star to leader, but Philadelphia stars Hanks and Washington have thoughts about the first thing they would do as leader.

Hanks tells the publication, "I would make a truly great national rail service a huge priority. Why can’t we take a good train from St. Louis to Denver? And have it only take three hours - like it is in Europe: cheap, efficient and fast?"

Washington insists he wouldn't make much of a leader, stating, "If I were president, you’d all be in trouble."

"It’s the same as the position I’m in now; I'd do what my wife tells me to," he laughs.

But comedian and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has a plan, insisting she'd like Americans to laugh more.

"I'd have comedy tours for people to watch together," she explains. "We don't share enough laughter as a community. Everybody's streaming, watching things on their own, in their own world.

"I remember watching an episode of Martin (Martin Lawrence sitcom) and just hearing the laughter from one open window to the next. It was something we were all experiencing together, and we don't have that now."

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