94-year-old Midlands man inspires heart patients

At 94 years old, Buck Fagan is an inspiration to others.

Buck Fagan has reason to celebrate. He turned 94 on Monday.

I never thought I TMd have a 94th birthday, says Buck Fagan. I was the most unlikely candidate for longevity you can think of.

10 years ago Fagan suffered from back-to-back heart attacks in just over a week.

He TMs come a long way with his cholesterol management, said Cardio Pulmonary Rehab Dietitian Kay MacInnis.

At age 84, Fagan changed his diet and started a regular exercise regimen. The Columbia man is an inspiration to staff and fellow patients at Providence Heart and Vascular Institute's Cardiao Rehab.

He may not be on top of the world health-wise, but he TMs always very positive, said patient Boyce Higler.

Fagan TMs birthday couldn TMt come at a better time, as Monday kicks off American Hearth Month.

I try to do everything in moderation, TM said Fagan.

People can reduce heart disease through lifestyle changes, just like Fagan did.

You know, eat healthy, exercise, and have good stress management skills, said MacInnis.

Fagan may have been surprised by his 94th birthday party, but the people around him won TMt be shocked when he continues his plan for health living.