Apple develops software to ban iPhones from filming live events

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Tiffany Orteza loves her iPhone and the way it eliminates the need for additional gadgets.

I don't even use my digital camera anymore, says Orteza. When I went to a concert with my sister earlier this year, I used my iPhone to take videos and pictures.

But using an iPhone at live events may become a distant memory for Orteza and other users.

Apple is reportedly developing a system that will stop people from using their iPhones to record performances and games.

A patent application filed by Apple, and obtained by the Times, reveals how the software would work. If someone were use their iPhone to film a live event, infra-red sensors installed at the venue would instruct the device to disable its camera.

I think that it is unfair because I paid for my iPhone to use it whenever I want or however I feel like it, Orteza adds.

Orteza says she is upset about the news of the pending patent which Apple filed 18 months ago.

Local technology expert Stephen Miano has mixed feelings. He agrees that Apple shouldn't regulate usage, but can see why the program could be helpful to some in the entertainment industry.

A lot of big names might like that because they really want control over their media, according to Stephen Miano, owner of That Computer Store in Irmo. There are a lot of smaller venues that I actually think will be hurt by having this opportunity for exposures go away.

The program is seen as an attempt to protect the interests of companies who have exclusive rights to record an event.

It's unclear if Apple intends to use the concept within its devices.

As for Orteza, she knows life is short and she plans on saving every minute of it.

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