Bishopville man cultivating his dream

Pearl Fryar is known as the "man who cuts up bushes."

BISHOPVILLE (WACH) -- It's more than a garden; it's a vision deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have no formal training in horticulture, says Pearl Fryar, but one of the things that I realized is that success is really determined by work.

Fryar is an artist of sorts, known as the man who cuts up bushes.

A late bloomer, he didn't discover his talent for shaping plants into topiary until his mid-40s, in an effort to win "yard of the month."

The garden itself was created from lack of knowledge because I didn't know you were not supposed to do this with plants, said Fryar.

At age 70, Fryar and his three acre property in Bishopville have been featured in newspapers, books, movies and most recently, a national ad for John Deere.

It TMs just amazing the attention the garden is receiving in such a small town, said Fryar.

Fryar TMs passion for pruning has inspired others.

Oh, I love it, said Michael Baker.

It's amazing what he has done, said Hope Cooper.

Fryar TMs yard is proof the American dream is still alive. He says only in the U.S. can you take an idea, cultivate it and work up from the bottom.

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