Cayce postal worker said to be a hero

Larry Baker has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for nine years.

Cayce postal worker Larry Baker delivered more than just the mail last Friday.

She couldn TMt find anybody to help her get him off the floor, says Larry Baker, so she asked me.

During his route, Baker saw a woman on the street asking for help. Her husband, a Parkinson TMs disease patient and stroke victim had fallen and couldn TMt get up.

All of a sudden the postal worker showed up, says Sid Crim of Cayce, and when he threw his weight into it, they got me in a chair and I sure did appreciate it.

Baker is being called a hero for what he did, but his day wasn TMt over yet; just one block over, someone needed him again.

I looked over and saw that a vehicle went in between two parked cars and into a yard taking out a tree, said Baker.

Baker flew into action a second time, making sure the driver was okay and waited until authorities arrived.

At first I thought I was having a bad day, but after I look at it, I thought about the people that I helped, said Baker.

It was an unusual day, but even more unusual for Baker is the attention he TMs getting for his efforts.

Larry is a very kind individual, says Cayce postal worker Drusilla Davis, if he can do something for you, Larry will.

In 2009, 202 postal workers nationwide were named as heroes, and because of his actions last Friday, Baker will be recognized by the Postmaster General.

Baker is humbled by the title hero. He says he was just doing what anyone else would have done.

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