Church still soaked from weekend TMs storms

Rain totals on Sunday measured over three inches in an hour.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The fellowship hall at Grace Temple Deliverance Center was under 10 inches of water following Sunday TMs downpour, but Pastor Simon Squire doesn TMt blame Mother Nature.

The water has no place to go, so when it has no place to go it TMs going to come in your business and it TMs going to come in your house, states Squire, and that is what has been taking place in this particular area.

Grace Temple Deliverance Center is situated at the bottom of a slope on Gregg Street and is susceptible to flooding.

In 2009 and 2010, the lower-level of the building suffered a total of $55,000 in damaged property.

Insurance has covered each incident, but of course, you never really get back what you spent, Squire adds.

After the second incident, Squire thinks the stormwater drains on Gregg Street may be the culprit. He called the City of Columbia for help, and according to Squire, Public Works engineers suggested it wasn't their problem.

WACH Fox News contacted the City of Columbia and the SC Department of Transportation to find out who is responsible for the stormwater drains outside of Squire TMs church. DOT officials said they would meet with Squire this week to determine which government entity is in charge of addressing the current drainage issues.

Unfortunately, it takes longer to pump water out than it takes for it to pour in; however, Squire is faithful that it won't happen again.