City fixes zoning for zoo

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- There are families of all kinds living at Riverbanks Zoo.

But according to the City of Columbia Planning Commission, it TMs technically illegal to have a zoo on the current site along the north side of the Saluda River, because it TMs zoned as single-family residential property.

Members of the Planning Commission fixed the situation on Monday. They voted unanimously to re-zone the land as commerical.

Planning Director Krista Hampton released this statement to WACH Fox News:

The City of Columbia Planning Commission is reviewing a proposal to rezone the zoo property from RS-1 to C-3. This is being done to align the use of the property with the zoning classification. The use is considered legal and grandfathered as it was annexed prior to the establishment of our current zoning ordinance.

The Planning Commission took up the issue when Riverbanks wanted to combine parcels.

The vote on Monday allowed the commission to bring the property up-to-date and into compliance with the city's zoning codes.