College Colors Day kicks off the 2011 football season

September 2 is College Colors Day.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- With their starting line-up ready to go, Eat More Tees is helped people tackle College Colors Day like champs on Friday.

We enjoy seeing the community wearing what we print, says Kevin Schumacher, owner of Eat More Tees.

Every football season, his company prints more than 20 new designs and some of Schumacher TMs top picks are drafted to businesses, like Gamecock Stop.

South Carolina has the best fans. It seems win or lose, they will still come out, adds Dan Stilwell, owner of Gamecock Stop.

Right now, USC scores among the top 25 in collegiate licensed merchandise sales and College Colors Day is practice for football fanatics who love to shop.

According to organizers of the nationwide event, this year is bigger than ever with 200 universities, the NCAA and 11,000 retailers participating.

Some government leaders declared September 2 as College Colors Day in their states or cities, including City of Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

It is great feeling connected to a sport you love, says USC student Julie Dye.

Although College Colors Day comes once-a-year, the support for Carolina can be seen nearly every day in Columbia.