Crane Creek flowing with problems

For years, Crane Creek has been polluted with high levels of bacteria.

Crane Creek Watershed serves thousands of people, stretching west from Blythewood to the Broad River.

The main reason officials and residents are concerned is because Crane Creek exceeds the maximum allowed amount of fecal matter.

Failing septic systems and sewer pipes, along with wildlife waste has caused officials to label the watershed impaired.

Catherine Albert is scared her water is making her sick. She lives in the Pine Forest sub-division, which is part of the Crane Creek Watershed.

I noticed lately that the water that comes out of my faucet is either rusted-looking or seems to have particles in it, said Catherine Albert.

On Thursday night, the Crane Creek Watershed Association met with residents to talk about how they plan to clear up the water quality issues.

While doing the plan itself we completed three projects, says Srinivas Valavala of the Department of Public Works, and there are three more projects that are in progress right now.

The Crane Creek Watershed Association was formed two years ago and since then buffers have been restored, filters installed, and streams stabilized.

The data is promising and the quality seems to be improving, said Valavala.

The watershed association has $10 million in additional projects planned for the next several years, but it will also take residents being proactive in protecting the water to make a real difference.