EMS workers risk their own lives to save others

EMS director for Lexington County says safety is paramount, while responding to a call.

74% of EMS worker deaths are transportation-related according to the National Association of EMS Physicians.

On Saturday, Lexington County EMS was involved in an accident while en route to a call. The highway patrol is still investigating. Last Monday, a private ambulance service was involved in a deadly crash.

The job of emergency medical personnel certainly has its risks. They TMre in harms way more than the average citizen whether it TMs on the roadway or not.

Lexington County EMS responds to 30,000 calls a year, and already this month, they TMve received more than a 1,000. EMS director Brian Hood says it TMs a significant challenge to respond to every call, while being mindful of motorists on the way.

You TMre constantly having to weigh the medical needs of the patient that calls against the life and safety of everyone on the roadway, said Brian Hood.

Motorists can also help make EMT TMs jobs a little easier by pulling to the right-side of the roadway and come to a complete stop if you see or hear an ambulance coming.