Garbage collectors busy after the holidays

Americans generate an estimated 25% more waste during the holidays, or one million tons per week according to the environmental group Use Less Stuff.

Sometimes it just seems like people clean out their attics and garages. It TMs really not more garbage, it TMs just stuff that people don TMt want anymore, said Kasem Griffin of the City of Columbia Solid Waste Division.

Sanitation workers, like Kasem log in extra hours surrounding the holidays.

Most of the time our trucks go to the landfill once a day, says Superintendent Robert Anderson of the City of Columbia Solid Waste Division.

It TMs double the work says Kasem, who drives an automated garbage truck.

With the real loader garbage truck, the guy driving has two people in the back doing most of the work, like getting out and picking up the bags, says Kasem, but I have to do all of that.

Crews pick up garbage from 35,000 homes in the City of Columbia every week.

Kasem TMs route is in a neighborhood off of Fort Jackson Boulevard, but the garbage is all the same.

As the year draws to a close, Kasem won TMt be looking back on his work cleaning the curbs; instead he TMs counting down to the New Year.

As far as the garbage goes, I TMm glad it TMs about over, said Kasem.