Residents upset over police cruiser crash

The accident is still under investigation.

It was pretty wild but at the same time, I wasn TMt surprised, said Cayce resident Ruthie Hughes.

Just before 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, Ruthie Hughes heard tires screeching and then a loud crash.

I looked outside the window and I didn TMt see anything, says Ruthie, but then maybe five minutes later my husband saw a whole bunch of lights.

They could of killed someone, said Ruthie TMs husband Mike Hughes. They hit a house and messed it up, and it TMs very troubling to me.

At the intersection of 9th Street and Karlaney Avenue, two Cayce Public Safety officers crashed.

Darwin Weaver TMs unmarked car ended up in the side of a house. Earnest Darlak TMs car came to a stop in the front yard.

Paramedics took both officers to the hospital, as officials quickly cleaned up the scene.

Several people were told not to take pictures, said Ruthie.

Ruthie isn TMt surprised by the wreck. She claims officers are constantly speeding through her neighborhood.

Cayce Public Safety refused to comment on what happened. The South Carolina Highway Patrol continues an investigation, but troopers says alcohol was not a factor.

As for Ruthie, she hopes Wednesday night TMs accident is an eye opener for both city officials and law enforcement.

WACH FOX spoke with Cayce Mayor Elise Partin, and she said she isn TMt aware of any complaints against officers speeding. The city council says it will decide if action is needed after the highway patrol TMs investigation is complete.