Riverbanks Zoo peddling poo

Photo Credit: FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- When it comes to waste, the Riverbanks Zoo has a lot. In fact, they need your help getting rid of tons of it. But don't worry; you won't be hauling away garbage from food stands trash cans.

The zoo is once again selling their comPOOst in bulk. They announced Wednesday they're accepting bulk orders of the all natural zoo poo that will cover about one cubic-yard. The orders will be ready for pick up on March 11.

Officials say that cold winters usually make for bigger meals for the animals, which of course creates more waste.

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"It is a very green practice for Riverbanks to be involved in," explains John Davis, Curator of Mammals. "It's the responsible thing to do and the fun part is what we are doing today, is extending it to the community."

This is the third time the zoo has sold bulk orders. If you're interested, you can place your order here.