SC Treasurer race heats up

The two GOP candidates battled it out on the Keven Cohen Radio Show.

The two candidates running for State Treasurer incumbent Converse Chellis and challenger Curtis Loftis went head-to-head Tuesday for the first time in a live radio debate.

Over the airwaves Tuesday, State Treasurer Converse Chellis and challenger Curtis Loftis went head-to-head for the first time, debating on the Keven Cohen Show.

We don TMt agree on a lot, says Loftis. I believe in a truly transparent office.

I don TMt know what you TMre talking about, said Chellis.

In one of the final debates before next week TMs primary, the two candidates went on the offensive; questioning each other TMs qualifications.

"He is very public about being a CPA, says Loftis. Of all the treasurers in the country, there is one elected CPA, and there is one because it TMs not a qualification for the job.

Having a professional background that I have as a CPA, understanding the complex transaction that we deal with, says Chellis, we don TMt deal with simple transactions; we don TMt deal with two plus two.

The State Treasurer TMs race has become ugly. Both candidates are accused of running negative TV ads.

The things that he has said about me are in no way equivalent to my criticism of his professional behavior on the job, said Loftis.

The Columbia businessman has criticized Chellis for what he believes are poor work habits and overspending, while the incumbent is going after Loftis TM resume.

We have the capability, we have the knowledge, we understand what we are doing, says Chellis, and the only way he can make any traction is by destroying that. It TMs unfortunate that he is misleading people like he has.

Despite a race filled with tough talk, each candidate is proud of his campaign.

The winner of the June 8 primary will likely be the next State Treasurer, since no democratic candidate has entered the race.