Scam artists hard at work in the Capital City

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- In this economy, some people will do almost anything to make a buck. Unfortunately there TMs no payoff for the victims.

A generic voicemail recording was all Tomeaco Davis heard Saturday from her supposed employer.

That's when we realized we had been scammed, Davis says.

Davis was one of more than 20 people who applied to work with Global Construction, which claimed to have been contracted to do some room renovations at the Marriott.

The applicants were told to meet at the West Columbia Riverwalk on Friday afternoon. They were given some paperwork to fill out and required to take a $30 drug test at the park using a styrofoam cup.

Jerray Bookert still has his receipt from the drug test he paid and took, as part of the job requirements for Global Construction.

I really had my hopes up for the job, Bookert says.

Carrie Grube Lybarker of the Department of Consumer Affairs adds job scams aren't unusual.

They follow the hot topics and right now with the down turn in the economy, people are more vulnerable and open to scams, Grube Lybarker says.

The West Columbia police are currently investigating the incident.

We were going to get paid a $150 a day, Davis adds.

Still unemployed and down $30, both Davis and Bookert say they learned an important lesson from this experience -- when things sound too good to be true, they often are.