Sheheen, Haley spar over jobs, immigration

Labor Day is past and the race for South Carolina governor is heating up.

CHARLESTON (AP) -- South Carolina's candidates for governor are trading jabs over jobs and immigration.

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Democrat Vince Sheheen challenged Republican Nikki Haley to say where she stands on seeking federal money for deepening the Charleston Harbor. Federal budget earmarks are used for deepening projects.

Haley campaign spokesman Rod Godfrey said Haley's focus is getting funding for the port, not on which pot of money it comes from.

Haley then challenged Sheheen on whether he supports Attorney General Henry McMaster filing a brief last week supporting Arizona's tough new immigration law.

Sheheen spokesman Trav Robertson says Sheheen is worried about jobs in South Carolina, not immigration in Arizona. He said Sheheen voted for a South Carolina immigration law that is tougher than Arizona's.

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