Shoppers cash in on green appliances

Rebates range from $50 to $500 dollars.

Starting Wednesday, South Carolina residents can get rebates from $50 to $500 in what some have called cash for appliances.

Going green to save green is what Columbia TMs Rita Shuler is trying to do, while see looks for a new refrigerator.

Well, I got an old refrigerator that TMs about 15-years-old, and I just decided that this is good incentive to come out and look for a new one, said consumer Rita Shuler.

Shuler wasted no time Wednesday morning as she took advantage of the state TMs appliance rebate program.

We have $3.9 million available in rebates for South Carolina residents who are looking to upgrade their appliances to Energy Star models, said Megan Herring of the S.C. Energy Office.

Energy Star appliances use 10% to 15% less electricity and water than standard models.

Well, its increased interest in people wanting to upgrade their old units to something more efficient, said businessman Frank Medley.

Frank Medley is the GM of Airwaves Heating and Air. As a contractor, Medley had to reserve rebates online and will then provide his customers with mail-in forms.

But for appliances bought in a store, the rebate will be applied instantly.

Customers who purchase a new appliance are required to recycle their old appliance to ensure that inefficient products are no longer on the power grid.

According to the S.C. Energy Office, the program will end when the money runs out. By the close of the business day Wednesday, more than half of the $3.9 million set aside for rebates has already been claimed.

Here's a list of appliances and the amount you can save:

Clothes washers






Room Air Conditioning Units


Central Air Conditioning Units


Heat Pump


Gas Furnace


Gas-Condensing Water Heater


Electric Heat Pump Water Heater


Hi-Efficiency Gas Storage Water Heater


Hi-Performance Gas Storage Water Heater


Gas Tankless Water Heater


Solar Electric Water Heater


Solar Gas Water Heater


The rebates are going fast. To see how much is left in the rebate fund, click here.

And vote in our poll and tell us if the rebates are enough of an incentive for you to make a purchase.