$10,000 gun donated to local police departments


Columbia, S.C.--Criminals can run but they can't hide...much more so with the newest addition to the Richland County Sheriff's and the West Columbia Police Departments.

An anonymous businessman donated the M600 service rifle, a $10,000 investment, to the armed forces in an effort to contribute to the efforts of those protecting and serving the community.

Sheriff Leon Lott, a previous sniper for the police department, says developments have come a long way since he was in that position.

"It says a lot about technology and how it's changed over the years," said Sheriff Lott. "And today we got some new technology that's just amazing."

The gun features lazer-type technology that locks unto a target and maintains that lock even when the target moves. Officers can aim up to 700 feet and focus on a target moving up to 20 mph.

Images of an officer's targets can also be fed back to a computer for second-person visuals of what the officer is aiming down.

"We hope that we never have to use a piece of equipment like this," said Sheriff Lott. "But if we do, we have it."

The M600SR was designed to replace the M4A1 service rifle.

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