117 children get special Christmas gift

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Pastor Eddie Davis of Little Zion Baptist Church says God spoke to him about two weeks ago to spearhead a very special project.

It would involve getting 100 men to each give $100 to provide gifts for 100 children in need.

Turns out, after speaking with pastors and friends across the Midlands, Pastor Davis' goal was met...and then some.

"We were looking to get 100 children and I think we've come up with about 117." says Pastor Davis.

One hundred and seventeen children who will now have a Christmas thanks to men in the community who care, which Pastor Davis believes is a crucial message to send out.

"It shows that men are concerned about the well being of our community. The well being of our children. And sometimes we get a bad rap, things are negatively portrayed about us. But we care about our community. We love our children and this proves we're willing to do whatever is necessary to support our community." explains Davis.

Support members of the community like Termeka Thomas, who had the unthinkable happen just days before Christmas.

"Somebody had went in my bank account and stole all my money for Christmas for my children-I have seven children. Apostle Henry Claire had came together with different ministers and they told us to come today and they had a gift card for all seven of my children for Christmas." says Thomas.

And Termeka is just grateful for this Christmas miracle that allows her children to have the holiday she feels they deserve.

"I was just thanking God for being able to hear my prayers and you know, that he was able to come through. So I thank God for that." Thomas says.

A prayer that is being answered in a place any child would consider to be paradise...Wal-mart.

Each child was given $100 to spend on anything they would like in the store. And not surprisingly, electronics is a hot button item this Christmas.

"Today I'm getting Ninja Gaiden Razor Edge and some headphones for my sister." says one lucky boy.

So while it's still up in the air exactly what Santa will bring when all is said and done this Christmas, one thing is for certain.

These 117 men made this Christmas brighter for all these girls and boys.