2012 was a warm year

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The weather numbers are in for 2012 at Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

The past year tied for the second warmest average temperature of 66.4° fahrenheit. That is approximately 2.7° above average.

The average maximum and minimum temperatures also set records.

The average maximum temperature was 77.8° which was 3.0° above normal and tied for the second warmest on record.

The average minimum temperature was 55.1° which was 2.6° above normal and is now the warmest on record at Columbia Metro Airport.

The Midlands ended 2012 with some counties being classified in severe drought.

However, Columbia Metro Aiport received 42.76" of rainfall. With an average amount of rainfall being 44.59 inches, that ends the year with a rainfall deficit of only 1.83 inches.

2012 had a few memorable weather moments for South Carolinians.

The state dodged a bullet when Hurricane Sandy passed by off the coast during an above normal hurricane season.

South Carolina did make weather history with a new all-time maximum temperature record of 113°F set in Columbia at the USC Cooperative Observer site on June 29th.

The new year brings more opportunities for interesting weather. The SkyWACH Weather Team will keep you informed throughout 2013!