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      24 hours of LeMons not your typical race

      They may not look or sound like your typical race car, but these lemons are fighting to end up in victory lane this weekend at Camden motor speedway.

      â??A really terrible car, you have to buy a car thatâ??s just rusted out, whenever you get a 500 dollar car it has to be a piece of junk.â?? said Taylor Shivell.

      Shivell and his crew travel up and down the east coast racing junks like these.

      The rules here are simple. The cars can't be worth more than 500 dollars. That includes the engine, modifications and its appearance.

      A quick stroll through the infield shows how creative cars can look: The Jurassic Park vehicle, a Gamecock and Clemson lemon and everyoneâ??s favorite cartoon character, Homer Simpson.

      â??150 cars on the track at a time which at normal NASCAR type of events have like 40 if that so thereâ??s tons of traffic and everyoneâ??s going different speeds, everyoneâ??s got different cars," adds Shivell.

      After learning about these cars it was time to jump behind the wheel, and hit the track.

      Camden Motor Speedway is home to some tight turns and short straightaways. I topped out at little more than 90 miles an hour before hitting a monster loop.

      The lemon experts blew right by me.

      Safety is a top priority for the race.

      Drivers can spend as much money as they like to keep their cars safe.

      During the race teams will rotate drivers to keep a fresh racer behind the wheel. After testing the cars drivers hit the pit to make final adjustments for Saturdayâ??s green flag.

      While it looks like a place for mechanics and seasoned racers, the lemons race has become a place for families and friends to catch up while watching some creative cars hit the track.

      â??Hanging out with good racecar people you know everyone is here for the same thing; just have a good time and like I said no ones out there to kill you, no one's out there to be really competitive," adds Shivell.

      "We have people that are really envious that are teenagers and 20 year old children want to come and spent entire weekends with us and love it.â?? said Rebecca Barnes.

      The green flag for the 24 hours of lemons drops tomorrow at 10.The checkered flag waves Sunday at 4 giving you a full weekend of great racing.