3-year-old returned home after walking out of house

LEXINGTON (WACH)â??The Lexington County Sheriffâ??s Department and DSS are investigating a family after a 3-year-old girl was found by a bus driver in the road.

According to the incident report filed by the agency, Tuesday afternoon, the child was found in the road by a bus driver, who then called the sheriffâ??s department. When deputies arrived, they found the child in good health, and began knocking on doors to find her home.

After checking several houses, they found the front door of one home open, 4-5 houses away from where she was found by the bus driver. The deputies went into the house, and found the water running and food on the counter. Upstairs, according to the incident report, they found a couple in bed, â??waking up.â??

The couple identified the girl, and she was returned.

DSS was contacted by WACH Fox, and confirmed that they are investigating the incident, along with Lexington County Major Crimes.