4G is coming to the Midlands

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Columbia resident and Verizon customer Kelsey Ashford getting a pop quiz on Verizon's 4G network.

"I kind of didn't know what 4G was until I started looking at T-Mobile and they were talking about 3G networks. I take it it's something about high speed internet, so you can get your stuff faster."

She's right. The cellular giant expanding its 4G network into the Midlands.

Verizon District Manager Steven Bishop says customers will be able to do things they couldn't do on 3G, such as multi-player gaming and real time video conferencing.

"Instead of going home to do things that you couldn't do on your laptop with an air card, now you'll be able to do those things on the go," says Bishop. "Maybe while you're in your car you want to entertain the kids, hey lets download a movie."

In a time when Americans demand so much from their cell phones, Bishop says the 4G network is like a hand held laptop. "With speeds that are comparable to a DSL modem, all that with no wires."

Ashford says she's looking forward to discovering the new world of 4G. "Oh yes, very excited, the quicker the better."

No launch date is set, but the service should be available in the Midlands by the end of the year.