7 seconds that overshadowed everything for Miss South Carolina

7 seconds changed the Miss America Pageant for Brooke Mosteller, but there was a lesson learned.

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? â??I need to apologize,â?? said Miss South Carolina Brooke Mosteller about her now infamous introduction at the Miss America contest on Sunday.

â??Iâ??m from the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile, because thatâ??s how we roll.â?? Seven seconds that would light social media on fire almost immediately, and would land the 23-year-old law student on network news, and even the

Colbert Report


The Soup.

â??Those seven seconds basically defined my whole Miss American experience,â?? says Mosteller in an exclusive interview with WACH-Fox, pointing out that South Carolina winning the

Quality of Life Award

for the first time in history. Another record set was the $79.000 dollars for the

Childrenâ??s Miracle Network

raised by the state, breaking the previous record of $49,0000, another fact overshadowed by the comment.

â??I really compromised values and my purpose of going there to represent the state in the best way possible,â?? she said.

Reaction on social media was almost instant, moments after it aired, @katiechemical tweeted â??Someone hire me to rewrite the state intros. Mobile homes? Really?â??

@codysargent tweeted â??20 percent of our homes are mobile and this intro is 100 percent embarrassing.â??

Some blamed her failing to advance in the pageant on the opening comment. @kmt_6 tweeted â??Maybe if you didnâ??t comment on mobile homes during your intro video, Miss South Carolina, maybe you would be in the top 15.â??

But, as you might expect, not every reaction was negative. @WhatTheHeckel tweeted â??â?¦Miss South Carolina made me laugh out loudâ?¦Awesome.â??

Mosteller explained that the comment wasnâ??t adlibbed. She said that the line was used in rehearsals, and told that it was funny and showed her personality. Everyone she ran the line by all agreed that â??Itâ??s just funnyâ?¦but I should have known in my gut that it is not worth it, and I need to apologize.â??

Both Mosteller and Miss South Carolina Executive Director Ashley both issued written apologies, explaining that the comment was â??decided collectively with the Miss South Carolina Scholarship Organization in an attempt to be creative and humorous.

WACH-Fox gave Miss South Carolina a do-over on the intro. â??From the state that sells the most peaches in the South, sorry Georgia, Iâ??m Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina.â??

Mosteller said she is using the experience as a learning moment. â??Iâ??ve learned that every second counts when it comes to your values, and sticking to your purpose.â??

Brooke Mosteller will continue to serve as Miss South Carolina until July, when a new queen will be crowned.