911 calls released after fatal boat crash


Chapin, S.C. (WACH)-- The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department has released the 911 calls from the fatal boat crash on Lake Murray that killed two men.

A total of four 911 calls were made, one lasting just around 45 minutes, where witnesses cried out for help and instructed the dispatchers on where they are located.

In one call a frantic woman tells the dispatcher that she heard a loud crash and could see where a man was in the water calling for help.

Others who were close by told the dispatcher that they saw the boats collide.

“A boat hit another boat, and we’re trying to hold the people up in the water, so if we could get DNR out here,” one caller cries.

One caller stayed on the line with the dispatcher as he tried to save one of the men who was unconscious and trapped under the boat.

“He does not remember anything. He just remembers hitting a boat," the called yelled.

The crash claimed the lives of Danny Phillips and Shawn Lanier.

A third person, Ash Wannamaker, survived and was transported to the hospital after being rescued.

Wannamaker filed a lawsuit against the driver of the large boat Thursday, claiming that those who were in the largest boat failed to render him any aid.

The DNR continues to investigate this incident.

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