A beloved USC professor calls it a career

COLUMBIA (WACH) - He's taught hours of classes. His students have earned hudreds of credits. He's written shelves of books, and spent hours on ETV radio. USC history professor Dr. Walter Edgar is widely known as the authority on the Palmetto State,"That's nice, but I'd rather be remembered as a teacher," Edgar said when I sat down with him in April.

Dr.Edgar is not only known for his knowledge of South Carolina history,but he is a dying breed.

He has a sense of Southern gentility that is rarely found anymore.

When we last spoke Dr. Edgar talked about the state's rich history and some of the less flattering events South Carolinians might want to forget. Like when the time S.C. Governor announced to the world his extra-marital affair in 2009. "You're right. It always seems like our picadilloes always seem to get national attention. When we do it, we do it right."

There are a some things Edgar says the Palmetto State should be proud of but may not get the recognition she deserves. That includes credit for paving the way for the united states to win her freedom from the British, by beating General Charles Cornwallis before he ever made it to the final battle of the Revolutionary War. Dr. Edgar contends South Carolina was far more important to the British than any other colony.

"Now how did Cornwallis get to Yorktown? Because he was in South Carolina and he got his army whooped. Here."

Edgar's knowledge of the Palmetto State is surpassed by only by his love for it.

"Teaching at the University here in this state has been a very special experience. I can't go any where without meeting a former student, or a cousin, both of my lovely wives are from South Carolina. South Carolina is a very unique place," Dr. Edgar said.