A big sale for little Eliza

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The Columbia community rallied around a little girl with a big cause.

We've told you the story of four year old Eliza O'Neill, who was born with a rare terminal genetic disease.

The community, along with her family, have been vigilantly marching towards a one million dollar goal that could buy a clinical trial to find a cure for Eliza.

Today a friend of the O'Neill family held a garage sale to help contribute to the fund.

Supporters of the family came in from all over to support the cause, and the O'Neills could not be more grateful.

"This just epitomizes what we've been seeing for so many months. The Columbia community and South Carolina has just been a huge support to us, which really just strengthens our resolve as we push forward to this goal to get a chance for Eliza." says Cara O'Neill, Eliza's mother.

The Saving Eliza fund has currently raised over seven hundred thousand dollars.

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