A booming family business

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- A family business in Columbia has been helping people celebrate for more than 60 years.

"Because were fourth generation in the fireworks business people have been coming to see us for four generations," said John Casey the owner of Casey's Fireworks.

John Casey's grandfather Jim started the business back in 1949.

He first opened a convienence store and then expanded into fireworks,a business John has been involved with from the time he was young.

"My first job actually was, I could barely walk, but I would open the door for the customers," said John.

Throughout the years the sign has changed, going from Jim Casey's Fireworks on a retro marquee, to a more modern sign you'll see now when driving down rosewood.

Howver what's remained the same, is the family tradition behind the business.

John has two sons that live in Los Angeles who always come back to help out at the store during peak seasons,

People come in they don't know what fireworks they need to buy. They might have not even shopped for fireworks in the past five years but we take them through the store give them personal service I think thats the best thing that we do here," said Forest Casey.

Casey's Fireworks is open all year and John says his customers have come up with all sorts of occasions to add a little sparkle to their celebration, such as weddings, birthdays, and family reunions.

"Our customers have become more like family, for them to come in and continue that tradition is really fun."