A Columbia icon is leaving Main Street after 15 years

Columbia,S.C. (WACH) - "One night this big tour bus pulled up in front of the restaurant. And this guy got out-very stout guy. Came up to the door and say 'Hey, do y'all sell ribs?' and I said 'Of course we sell ribs. We're a restaurant. We're a barbeque restaurant.' He said 'Well, Mr. King wants a slab of ribs and two baked potatoes, no sauce.' I said 'Mr.King? Who?' And he said 'BB King!" recalls Barry Walker, the owner of Mac's on Main.

It's stories like that which have turned Mac's on Main into a Columbia icon.

For 15 years this restaurant has served up southern homestyle favorites.

"That's what the menu is:macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, collard greens, rice and gravy, ocra corn tomatoes." says Walker.

And if he could only eat one thing off his menu for the rest of his life?

"Shrimp and grits."

Now a new chapter is beginning and Barry and his wife are stepping back and letting a new restaurant take over.

Starting on October 1st, CW's Grill will officially move into the space. And the owners are looking forward to it.

"Obviously, it's a landmark in Columbia, so that's another reason we chose that. When we say Mac's on Main, everyone knows where it is." states Dan Rubino, the owner of CW's Grill.

But whatever Mac's on Main turns into, the space will always have a special place in Barry's heart.

"Well this is the Walker building. This is named after my mom. She was born in Monck's Corner, South Carolina a long time ago. So we dedicated this building to her memory back in 1998. And I think as long as that dedication is still there, I'll still be a part of it." says Walker.