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      A community exercise challenge exceeds expectations

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A Columbia based business is getting the community up and moving.

      EnduringFX began the EFX500 Community Challenge June 6 at the Drew Wellness Center in hopes of getting members of the community to complete 500 miles on the track.

      "It's just been a wonderful moral booster for the community, getting people excited about working out, walking, and enjoying all the wonderful benefits about exercising," said Drew Wellness Center employee Tezra Hair.

      After the challenge came to a close Sunday, that goal was doubled with more than one thousand miles completed.

      Hundreds of people showed up to try out the technology which tracks the time and distance of your workout.

      The system works by having each participant stap a band around their ankle that holds a chip, which identifies you to a system that tracks each persons workout.

      Although this challenge was a trial run to test the system and receive community feedback, an ordinance has been passed through City Council which will allow the system to permanently arrive in public facilities in Columbia.

      EnduringFX has been selected as finalists in a national innovation contest called the Sanofi Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge which will take place mid July.

      "We're doing something that's never been done before in North America," said Jim Stritzinger from EnduringFX.

      Although the technology has been around, Stritzinger said EnduringFX's goal is to promote wellness by making this technology accessible.

      Visit their website for more information about EnduringFX.