A community getting creative to support the Swainson family

The community continues to rally around the Swainson family weeks after the final verdict. On Sunday, Ridge View High School hosted the "Cuts For Gabbiee" event. Barbers came out to give haircuts to students and anyone in the area who wanted to come out. The haircuts ranged from $2 to $5 and all the proceeds will go to helping the Swainson family cover Gabbiee's final costs. Those involved say it is this tight knit support system that makes this part of the healing process possible.

"Yeah, we have a good community. We came together. We had good strong support from the community and they're coming out in numbers today. We are very thankful for the community. We just want to thank everybody that's in the community for coming out and supporting today." says Terex Smalls, the Master Hair Care Instructor at Ridge View High.