A day when jobs out number people? It may be coming

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? With unemployment remaining above 8 percent, both in the Palmetto State and the nation, the odds of finding work may seem like a bleak endeavor for many. R.C.P.L Job Readiness Trainer Lori Cook says the pendulum is poised to swing the other way, creating a surplus of jobs that will out number the amount of people who can fill the positions.

Cook cites a

Barry Bluestone

report, saying that â??within less than a decade, there will be not enough workers to fill job openings.â?? She says that because of the aging â??baby boomerâ?? population that will be retiring from the job market, and increased needs for services, there could be as many as 5 million job vacancies.

Health care, education, government, and non profit services will provide many of the job opportunities as see the greatest need for qualified candidates. Cook also points out that these positions will be prime for those entering an â??

encore career


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