A father and son's journey to healing

Russell Teasley and RJ

ATLANTA (WACH)â??Russel Teasley has been bringing his 11-month-old â??RJâ?? to the AFLAC Cancer Center at Childrenâ??s Healthcare of Atlanta once a week for 6 months.

RJ was diagnosed with stage 3 Liver Cancer at 4 months old.

"It took me from Earth, I can say that, it took me from earth. To hear that your baby boy has cancer. Your baby." Said Russell.

To get RJ the proper help he needs, Russell has to take the MARTA an hour each way, once a week.

Russell says people sometimes offer their seats, say what a beautiful baby, say they're praying for RJâ??. "It was a great experience for him also, because he likes to look up out the window, that helped him feel a lot better."

Luckily, baby RJ has stopped getting chemo treatments. "It's been very redeeming to see the good outcome at the end. I think he feels a big sense of relief just to be done with everything." said Dr. Wasilewski.

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