A Gamecock proposal - at a tailgate

Where do Gamecocks get engaged? A tailgate.

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??It was to be a good football game. The Gamecocks where coming off a disappointing trip to Athens where they lost to the UGA Bulldogs. There wasnâ??t any doubt in the hearts of Gamecock Nation USC would finish the day a winner.

LeAnna Smith, however, didnâ??t know she would end the day engaged. Leanna and Patrick McMenamin have been dating over three years, given their love of the Gamecocks, it just seemed appropriate to pop the question at the game.

â??Is she going to say yes?â?? I asked. â??I sure hope so,â?? he said with a touch of nerves.

When it came time, Patrick took a knee, and popped the question. Not only did the Gamecocks beat Vandy, but Leanna said â??Yes!â??

Contrats to the couple!