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      A Gamecock tradition closing up shop

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- R.J. Moore's 66 has been a part of the Rosewood community for more than four decades, but that long run is coming to an end.

      "It's hard; it's really hard, but you gotta take life as it comes," said Moore.

      Moore may just be the biggest gamecock fan around. His business, which he recently sold, looks more like a museum than an old filling station.

      The station covered with pictures, bumper stickers, USC memorabilia and Moore just may have set a record for attending football games.

      "All these guys are really close to me, and I'm close and I'm close to them; they're like sons to me," added Moore, as he looked at old photos of former South Carolina football players hanging on walls around him.

      The World War II and Korean War veteran has spent most of his years supporting the University of South Carolina.

      "I've never missed an away game for 37 years... not one. I only missed one home game; a Clemson Carolina game in 1979", said Moore. Moore was there in spirit. He listened to his good friend Bob Fulton make the radio call by telephone when he had to leave town for a funeral.

      However, helping those in need has been Moore's life. He gave students discounts on car repairs and would stop to help disabled motorists.

      "He's incredible. There is no word I can put in place that describes who he is," said Moore's Granddaughter Margie Williamson.

      "What a great life I've had... picked out [the station] just above the University and that was your life," added the lifelong Gamecock fan, Moore.

      Over the years, Moore has seen many of his favors returned. A former USC student who received help from Moore is now a Doctor. He provided surgery free of charge when Moore was in need even though Moore had the ability to pay for the service.

      Moore will be donating his Gamecock collection to the University.