A Kwanzaa Celebration

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Today was a celebration of Kwanzaa at the Booker Washington Heights Cultural Arts Center.

There was music, crafts, and lots of family time together.

The event organizers wanted to shift the focus to the children to give some their first taste of Kwanzaa.

Most importantly, they wanted to teach the principles of Kwanza, which they believe will better prepare children for the future.

"They're the most important for children. Because what it does is it gives parents an extra help. An extra foundation to teach them things like corporation, working together, getting along together, saving money, being very resourceful with their financials. You know, understanding that life is a challenge so you have to prepare young. Get started early and make things better in your community." says Faida Mfomboutmoun, one of the organizers of the event.

This is the first year this event has been held.