A litte fib reunites Lexi and Amber

Lexi after being rescued

Columbia (WACH)"Lexi, a 5 year old German Sheppard needed your help, and you stepped up. On Monday, Lexi and her owner, Amber Hoey, appeared on Good Day Columbia , in an effort to raise money for a needed surgery.

Lexi TMs story goes back to July 4, when she turned up missing. Amber began a grass roots effort to find her, which included Facebook, Craig TMs List , and word of mouth. Across town, Lacey Paisley, an employee at Tha Store, who was looking for a dog herself saw Amber TMs ad, and her description sounded like the dog that a customer had brought into the store with a broken leg.

The next time the customer came in, Lacey asked him about the dog. The customer explained that the dog had been hit by a car, but he didn TMt have the money to bring her to the vet. She then contacted Amber said she would rig something up to reunite the two.

A week later, the customer again came into the store, and Lacey implemented her plan. Ignoring the advice that Gepeto gave Pinocchio, she told him that she had talked to her veterinarian, and he had offered to allow payment, that she would make. The customer agreed to allow Lacey to go to his house and pick Lexi up.

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A day later, Lacey arrived at the customer TMs house, collected Lexi, called Amber and told her the news that they two would be reunited.

Lexi TMs story didn TMt end with her return. Amber took her to the vet, and learned that because her broken leg had not been treated, the only option was a $2000 surgery.

Amber again turned to the Internet, hoping to raise the needed funds from strangers like the one that had helped her find her families dog. She also appeared on WACH-Fox to share the story.

Within a day after her Good Day Columbia appearance, Amber reported that she had raised the money needed for the initial procedure. Her words about the kindness of strangers who may have seen her on WACH, thank you.

Amber has since started a Facebook page for Lexi, and is still accepting donations to help cover associated costs for Lexi. She said that every penny she collects goes right to Lexi.

You can learn more about Lexi TMs story, and how you can continue to help HERE .