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      A Midlands family still living in fear

      COLUMBIA (WACH)--Fights in Five Points have a Midlands mother on high alert after her son was brutally beaten several months ago.

      Vicki Strange continues to live in fear, her son Carter was attacked by gang members on Father's Day of 2011.

      "Everything that you thought was yours that no one can touch there's nothing that is yours," said Strange.

      Although the recent fight in Five Points is not gang related for the Strange's it's a constant reminder of the day that changed their lives forever.

      "You never really know how much safety you have until it's taken away," said Strange. "Your home isn't even a refuge anymore, your home is not safe there is nothing in your life that you can hide behind to feel safe. You're completely exposed."

      Chief Randy Scott stated in a news conference this week that safety is of extreme concern.

      The Columbia Police Department has spent $90,000 in overtime pay for patrol in the Five Points area this year.

      Vicki Strange says that she wants the violence to stop.

      "You know that old saying if it isn't broken then don't fix it? Well it's still broke, it still needs to be fixed and that's his job," said Vicki Strange.

      City leaders continue to meet to devise a plan to protect people in Five Points.