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      A Midlands man marks his Air Force arrival

      COLUMBIA (WACH)-- A Midlands man marked his air force arrival on the branch's 65th birthday.

      Chris Maynard celebrated a special day as he was sworn in at McEntire's169th Air National Guard unit Tuesday afternoon.

      Maynard completed four years in the Army several years ago, the Veteran's passion to serve the country and desire to work on aircraft carriers lead him back to the Military.

      "It's pretty cool because it's one of those units across the country known for being top flight," said Maynard.

      Maynard's new duties will include designing and building parts for the F16C Aircraft.

      The 37-year-old says that the opportunity will fulfill a life-long dream and continue a family legacy.

      "I have a long tradition in my family going back to General Mead and the Civil War," said Maynard. "Every generation in my family has participated in the Military."

      Maynard's Air Force arrival is also the Air Force's 65th Anniversary.

      "It's a big day for all of us, it's amazing how far we've come in 65 years," said Colonel Mike Hudson.

      After nearly 30 years in the Military Colonel Hudson says that he is proud to be a part of history and that influencing people like Maynard is one of the most rewarding parts of his job.

      "It's one of the most important things that guys like me get to do is pick the folks that are coming along behind us," said Colonel Hudson.

      Maynard's next step is to attend a four month program where he will get hands on training at a facility in Texas.