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      A Midlands mother supports pre-term prevention plan

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A Midlands mother, who was forced to deliver her babies early, is in support of the state plan to reduce the number of pre-term births.

      Alexa Bigwarfe gave birth nearly 10 weeks early to beautiful twin girls last year.

      After months of hospitalization, Charis is strong and healthy, but it was a different story for her identical sister Kathryn.

      "By a miracle I was able to carry them to just over 30 weeks and they were born," said Alexa. "Kathryn the larger baby had a heart failure. Her lungs weren't big enough, and she passed after two days."

      The girls had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a condition where the babies share a placenta; preventing the twins from getting the nutrients needed to grow.

      The condition forced doctors to deliver the babies early.

      "When I was being wheeled down into labor and delivery we didn't know what was happening we didn't know if we were loosing both babies right then or what the situation was," said Alexa.

      The mother of four supports the pre-term prevention challenge and thinks it's a good start to driving down South Carolina's pre-term birth rate.

      Beginning January 1 state Medicaid and BlueCross BlueShield will not cover elective pre-term births.