A mother's plea for justice after almost losing her daughter

Susan Bires makes emotional plea to the person/persons responsible for the hit and run that severly injured her daughter.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-The mother of Lindsay Bires, a former nurse at Palmetto Health's Heart Hospital who was severly injured after a hit and run in 2012, continues to search for answers.

While she was on her break on September 16th, The South Carolina grad was hit by a car right in front of the hospital. The driver never stopped.

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Susan Bires has now hired a private investigator and returned to Columbia Tuesday, seeking answers and making her plea to the person/persons responsible.

"Reach in your heart and think if this happened and you're suffering, your family's suffering, says Bires. "Not knowing who did this and her feeling like whoever did this cared so little for her, just causes more pain and we've all been through enough."

Bires says Lindsay recently posted on the "Prayers for Lindsay" Facebook page about her latest accomplishment in getting around without her walker.