A museum icon wants to find its identity

Columbia (WACH) - If you've ever made a trip out to the South Carolina State Museum, you've probably noticed the iconic 34 foot shark replica located on the second floor.

And even though it's been there for 25 years, ever since the museum opened, it still doesn't have a name.

So the South Carolina State Museum came up with a pretty creative way to find a name for it.

They started out the process by going to the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind.

"So we actually asked them to partner with us in the beginning. They came up with, as a school, they came up with the first ten names. We then took those ten names and presented them to our staff and a volunteers and asked them to narrow it down to five." says Merritt McHaffie from the South Carolina State Museum.

Those five names are now posted online so anyone can go to the museum website and vote.

And when Dana Dupree from Rice Creek Elementary wanted her students involved in the process, the museum was happy to provide the opportunity.

"So of course that sparked an idea in our marketing brains to sort of make it a real cool celebration. And actually be able to come out here, talk about the shark with the students, educate them a little bit on the shark and give them some tangible things, like they all got a shark tooth today, and have them vote live so that everybody could see them participating in the contest." McHaffie states.

And it seems as though there is some debate as to what the shark should be named.

"I think the shark name should be Carolina because i like our state name and i like Carolina Gamecocks." says third grader Zeshon.

"I think it should be Finn because if it's gonna be a girl, it should be Miss Finn." says Zeshon's classmate, Justice.

And she does have some back up on that.

"I like finn if it's a boy. It's a great name and they have fins on the top and the bottom." says third grader Javier.

Whatever name wins the contest...mister (or misses) shark will surely be very pleased.