A new animal is coming to Riverbanks Zoo! Patrick.

This 430 pound gorilla will soon be packing his bags and coming to South Carolina from the Lonestar State.

And while the arrival of a new animal is always exciting, Patrick has certain...personality issues the Riverbanks Zoo is preparing for before he gets here.

Because you see, Patrick is deemed "anti-social", meaning he just prefers to live by himself.

And to accomodate Patrick's specialized social needs, the zoo does have plans to put him in the exhibit with the other three gorillas, but just not in a way where he could physically touch them.

"He would be housed separately from another group of male gorillas where he would have visual - he could see and smell them. But we could still manage him without introducing him to the other gorillas." says John Davis of the Riverbanks Zoo.

And while previous reports have made it seem as though the Dallas Zoo was simply giving up on Patrick and pawning him off on another zoo, Riverbanks makes it clear that isn't what happened.

"It's not uncommon for an animal that's as socially complex as a gorilla to recognize that there are different needs for animals and different facilities can maybe cater to that better than others but we all work together."states Davis.

And the zoo is very excited for everyone in Columbia to come and meet Patrick.

"Once he's acclimated, cleared quarantine, and we are able to put him out on exhibit, then it's not uncommon for us to announce that to the community to ensure that everyone gets a chance to come and see the new arrival. And with a gorilla, that's very exciting." Davis concludes.

The Riverbanks Zoo is still in the process of transferring Patrick to his new home.

He should be in Columbia in the next couple of months.