A new high school allows students to pursue their interests

It turns out if you're a parent here in the Midlands, you may have more options when it comes to choosing a school for your child. Spring Hill High School is an all magnet high school in School District Five, and it just began its first year of classes. The school is different because it provides focused programs, such as the Entertainment Academy or Exercise Science Academy. Students can choose an area they would like to focus on and the curriculum will be built around that chosen field. Even though it sounds very stressful, some students say it is "anything but".

"I love the feeling of the school. As soon as you step in, it just feels calm and relaxed. You can go talk to your friends or you can go straight to class. But no matter where you go, it just feels like you can relax a little bit." says Garielle Richards, a ninth grader at Spring Hill.

Seats for this school year are limited to ninth and tenth graders only. The deadline to apply is the end of this first semester.