A paw-fect holiday: Midlands pet resort sees increase in business

Many pet owners leaving town for the holidays have left their animals in the care of Columbiaâ??s Wescott Acres Pet Resort.

COLUMBIA (WACH) " Many pet owners leaving town for the holidays have left their animals in the care of Columbia TMs Wescott Acres Pet Resort.

Tracy Johnson is taking a trip to Chicago and must leave her dogs behind."We're going to Chicago this year and unfortunately we can TMt take them. We do like to take them with us if we can. But in those instances when we cant, we love bringing them here so that they are comfortable and happy and we don't have to worry about them," said Johnson.

For animal owners like Johnson " Columbia TMs Wescott Acres is a furry-tail come true.Owner Laura Mitchell says the holiday season is an extremely busy one for her unique business. "Yes we are busiest when everyone else is traveling, so Christmas is a wonderful season for us. We get really excited about it because what we want to do is take the hurried rush away from families who need to place their pet somewhere while they travel for the holidays," said Mitchell.Mitchell started Wescott Acres ten years ago and has developed her business into a full nurturing center for dogs and cats.

Today " she offers peace of mind for pet owners during the busy holiday season. Wescott Acres also offers luxury themed rooms."We go all the way from a luxury sweet which is just like a hotel room for your pet with a bed and a television and antique furniture to fabulous dormitory rooms," said Johnson. It TMs certainly an option that leaves everyone, feline-fine.

"It means a lot to us, we hate to impose upon everyone else to take care of our pets. They are our responsibility and it's our responsibility to make sure they are safe and happy and this gives us that option," said Johnson.