A Perfect Match

Preston and Rosie Fout

Summerton (WACH) - Anyone can tell by their good cheer that Rosie and Preston Fout are truly in love. In their nearly 27 years of marriage, the Summerton couple has lived through teenaged triplets and many good times.

Then last year Preston's kidneys starting failing, "In January, (my doctor) told me I needed to be worked up for a transplant."

Preston got on the national waiting list for a kidney transplant, but instead of waiting for a cadaver donation, Preston's doctor asked him if he knew any potential live donors.

Preston did not but his doctor did. "She looked at Rosie and said 'what about you?"

"It was a relief. I could be the donor and we'd know where the kidney came from," Rosie Fout said.

News of the medical miracle soon became the talk of the small town of about 1,000 people with the Fouts' friends and neighbors.

"He said she's the only person I know that can say she sleeps against herself," one friend joked.

So on this valentine's day, the usual exchanging of hearts will not be necesessary for this couple.

"It's not physically in him, but he's got my heart."

So far, seven months out from the transplant, Rosie and Preston say they're having no ill effects from having only two kidneys between them.