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      A powerful storm makes it's mark on a Columbia Neighborhood

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Shandon resident Deborah Caulder is dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous storm ,that toppled trees and left her family seeking shelter.

      "Larger trees were topping way over, that's when I decided we needed to go to the basement so we grabbed our flashlights and some candles, I grabbed a cell phone and we were about halfway down when we heard a crash, said Caulder.

      Just a few blocks over longtime Shandon resident Joan Powell was shocked by the powerful storm.

      "I seen them swaying back and forth and all and I thought God I don't know what's going to happen, then all of a sudden I heard the glass crash and that was it," said Powell.

      Once the rain and wind stopped Caulder and Powell discovered trees inches from their front door and their cars buried under debris.

      Daniel Barrs with Blue Sky Tree Care says this isn't the first time he's seen damage like this in Shandon, but points out all the recent rain helped topple trees.

      "18 days in a row we've had rain, the ground is so wet it doesn't take much of a wind to come through and cause this kind of damage," said Barrs.

      While these neighbors have days of cleanup ahead of them, they're glad it wasn't worse.

      "I thought you know it's better my car then having holes in my house," adds Powell.

      According to Columbia-Richland Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins fire crews received 80 calls over a three hour period and when they arrived in Shandon it looked like a war zone.

      Power lines and trees blocking the roads, Jenkins says they even had to rescue one man from his home.

      A South Carolina Electric And Gas spokesperson says the storm knocked out power to more than four thousand residents.