A sub arctic Porkchop

Porkchop at the top of the world

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)â??it was an ad found on Craigslist that read â??Season 6 reality show needs truck drivers. Must have 15 years experience,â?? that Ronald â??Porkchopâ?? Mangum responded to. The rest, as they say, is history. Sort of.

Porkchop sent a message back, and when his phone rang from a toll free number, he just assumed it was a bill collector. He was wrong. It was a producer for the History Channel reality show Ice Road Truckers.

After submitting a homemade audition reel, Porkchop founding himself riding around Columbia with a photographer from the show. He traveled to Alaska to shoot season 6 of the show, and for just over 2, drove tractor trailers over the frozen sea.

â??45 below wasnâ??t even the coldest,â?? he said in reference to a picture of a â??-45â?? degree day, citing a day that registered 75 below zero. Porkchop also demonstrated the many layers of clothes that help ensure he doesnâ??t become a â??Pork-sickle.â??

You can catch Elginâ??s own Porkchop this season on Ice Road Truckers Sunday evenings on the History Channel, and find him on Face book HERE.